- This is the first real estate pfatform opening in  Vietnam. Try to visit the house that you want to live at "Homerun”

- Homerun owns all types of real estate in Vietnam. Studios, offices, apartments, customers can also confirm the information of disposition. Please try to confirm Homerun real estate information from rental, sales, inheritance, the information of disposition.
- Customers can easily search all the necessary information related to the apartment you choose at Homerun, not only the information of buying and selling goods, traffic, utility services but also the information about school for customer's children.

- The Filter tools are set up in detail so that customers can easily find the conditions they want.

- You can take a multidimensional comparison from analyzing prices, traffic, utility equipment, options, management fees, to cost based on Homerun's purchase data with an average of other areas and proceed with selections.
In case you want to re-sign a contract with a real estate broker you have been happy or want to write a review about a real estate company, please use the bulletin board menu.

- Users can pre-assess the information about a real estate company that has been reviewed and checked already.

After being a member of Homerun’s website and log in:

After saving the content of "interested registration" safely, customers can search for purchase information in the search process in a variety of rental information, buying you one - room apartment, two – room apartment, office,... and customers can also search for the same registered content of interest with both computers and mobile phones. In addition, the content remains the same status when updating the web.

In case customers register for careing about a certain apartment, we will send the information of  registed diposition according to the trading conditions registered by the member. Even if there is no property capable of deposition for an apartment that the customer is satisfied, only if customers pre-register the interested area, we will send the information when a new property is registered. We can find a room that customers want faster than anyone.
Regardless of the brokerage company, individual members can also advertise relevant information.

If the customer pre-establishes the information of diposition that they want, customers may also receive the schedule information of diposition from the date of searching announcement to the date of receipt.

In case you want to withdraw from membership of Homerun:

- After moving to the modifying section of the Homerun web menu, clicking on “withdraw from a member" at the bottom of the screen then you can withdraw from a membership.

- You can withdraw from a membership at the PC and web Homerun. You can also send recommendations to improve at kjj0070@naver.com to help us improve our services.

In the case of an individual customer, you have the ability to advertise for free on direct dipositions.

- Click on the individual trading menu (P2P) when buying and selling, enter basic information and you can post free ads.
In case you enter the basic trading information in detail such as real estate location, type of room, type of transaction (purchase, sale, lease, etc.) and additional information such as fee category management, option categories etc. on the " real estate posting registration" menu of the Homerun’s website, this type of advertising will be charged.

- To achieve the highest efficiency when buying and selling, in case you need to post 3 photos of the room or video you need to set the item and detailed explanation.

- Homerun always prioritizes providing highly reliable information to users.

- Expressing the purchase position clearly on the map, you can find easily the utility services around the real estate, the information about the environment around the real estate area.

- In addition, through the continuous management of virtual information, we always make effort so that users do not feel inconvenient due to the virtual information brought.

- Team being responsible for virtual transactions often find out transactions and filter the virtual transactions. In addition, through the "new" menu, intermediary brokers or brokers with three or more declarations will be removed from the website of Homerun.

- We investigate the average price of the market and will require modifying the information in case the price is cheaper than the market or not the real picture in the case of photos.

- In case after 30 days of the advertised period, we will handle the information automatically and not public to reduce the possibility of leaking information about completed transactions
- We create relevant tools that help users to report directly virtual information and we are also working to eliminate virtual informationfrom many different directions.

Regardless of the type of transaction, in case there is no uploading then there is no special restriction point. However, to prevent virtual informations, the virtual trading team will constantly check the direct transaction information.

Homerun's utility services are diverse and convenient:

- Service of real estate registration: Homerun's staff will help customers who are not familiar with manipulating on phones and computers by returning videos and photos, then registering for customers on the website.

- Interpreter service: In case customers need to translate from Korean to Vietnamese or English to Vietnamese, we offer interpreting services by Homerun’sh staff with a low cost.

- The drafting contract service: When signing a contract between  foreigner and  Vietnamese, we provide services from drafting contracts in 2 languages, signing contracts, to notarizing contracts.
- The Inspectable service before customers arrive:  before customers moving in, Homerun staff will visit the property and shoot a video meticulously, we will providing services from handling deposits to compensating damages after the expiration of the contract term.
- Cleanup service before arrival: if you sign up for a cleanup service before arival, we will provide you the cleanest status to be able to use immediately, from air condition to the bathroom.

- Moving services: We provide our customers a perfect service: Selecting moving service companies which are verified  previously, providing at least two price reports for customers to compare and choose, in case of damage or misplacement  during the transfer process, we will pay compensation. 

- The interior construction services: we conduct companies that have been verified before, then supply at least 2 price quotes for customers to easily compare and choose. Before signing a contract with a construction site, we will check firstly, confirm additional fees and check if the construction is correct with the designed drawing.

- The interior design service: We will proceed to conduct the best design companies in Vietnam, then provide at least 2 price quotes to customers can compare and choose the best option. Before signing the contract, we will check the legality and the permission.